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Here's what you'll learn...

How to avoid unnecessary legal costs
How to get the most from your family lawyer
How to build the right support network
What the Court takes into consideration when determining entitlements
Reaching a Settlement by alternative dispute resolution rather than Court proceedings
About the author

Meet Anton Richardson

Anton A. Richardson is a founding director of Richardson Murray, a boutique family law firm which practices exclusively in family law. Anton has been practicing family law, negotiation and mediation in Australia since 2004 and several years as a lawyer in Europe prior.

It is Anton’s passion to assist people going through separation, marriage or relationship breakdown, by giving them advice and guidance. By taking the ‘right approach to family law’, the stress, delay and legal costs normally associated with litigation can be avoided.

What readers say

An outstanding book.

Easy to read in structure and straight to the point. I wish more lawyers and clients read this, as it clearly and ethically sets out the core principles and decent conduct of separation and the reality of how matters are viewed by the family court system and gives very ethical and succinct advice on how to navigate oneself, with the least damage to one another and most importantly to the benefit of our children. Absolutely recommend this book.

Dinesh R
Excellent Information through the Separation Process

At last! A valuable source of information for those battling the highly emotional pathway of divorce and property settlement. Easy to read and more importantly, easy to understand information on how your property division should be handled. Some great tips to successfully navigate the pitfalls of separation and divorce. For anyone in this position, whether just starting the process, or at any stage throughout, this book will offer you much needed guidance.

Very helpful

I am very pleased with this book as it was very helpful and has terrific tips. It has calmed me in difficult times and gave me a better sense of direction on what to do. I highly recommend reading it.

Sebastian S.
Informative and helpful

I have only started reading this guide but already I feel it’s beneficial. Content is well written and easy to comprehend and understand.


Successfully navigate the pitfalls of separation and divorce

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