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Our Approach

We provide structured, sensible, strategic guidance and advice.


From the outset of every family law matter, we listen to our client’s circumstances and needs. We identify your goals and work out a pathway to obtaining the desired outcome. We take a structured approach, making sure that we are always moving forward to a resolution.



We take the right approach to family and relationship law. We do not engage in irrelevant and unhelpful correspondence which does not progress the matter and only serves to unnecessarily increase legal costs. We take the emotion out of the decision-making process and make sure that a sensible and productive path is taken.



Preparation is the key to success and successful results are achieved by strategy. In every case we develop a strategy and consider every aspect of your relationship, to develop tactics that will lead to a successful outcome. We consider and deliberate on every move before making it.

Our services

We have a wealth of experience in navigating complex Family Law matters.

Law is only part of the puzzle. We use strategy and experience to achieve results. Family Law can be a maze, full of obstacles and pitfalls. Our lawyers are always thinking one step ahead, looking around corners so they know what to expect. We will help guide you through the maze, so that you can open the next chapter in your life and close the door on the past. Our experience will show you the way.

Family & Relationships

Family Law covers a wide range of relationships, whether a de facto relationship or a marriage. The law is similar in both types of relationship, save for some subtle differences. When entering a de facto relationship or marriage it is advisable to consider obtaining legal advice as to the potential effects of that relationship on … Continued


Either one or both parties jointly can apply for a Divorce, once parties to a marriage have been separated for more than one year and there is no prospect of reconciliation. The application for a divorce is relatively straight forward so long as the Court is satisfied that proper provision has been made for any … Continued

Parenting Matters

The paramount consideration of the Court when considering what the future parenting arrangements for child(ren) should be, is what is in the child(ren)’s best interests. The underlying principles of the Family Law Act are that child(ren) will benefit from having a meaningful relationship with both parents, but that must be weighed against the risk of … Continued

Financial Matters

Whether entering into a de facto relationship, commencing cohabitation, about to buy property, getting married or going through a separation, financial matters will require consideration. There are several ways in which we can formalise an agreement regarding the adjustment of property interests in the event of a separation. This can be done before, during the … Continued

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is never acceptable. We are advocates in the field. Our firm is dedicated to eradicating domestic violence from society. If you are the victim of Domestic Violence, then you can be assured that we will go further to provide support, guidance and advice to get you through. Domestic Violence is a serious matter … Continued

International Family Law

Family Law can cross into other countries and thus involve multiple jurisdictions. We at Richardson Murray have a network of exceptional family law firms, with whom we can work to ensure that our client’s are properly represented. Our lawyers are experienced in Hague Convention of on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction and have … Continued

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Your trusted family lawyers

The Law is your (Carlu) passion. And even though there are many unreasonable, clients and people with whom you will meet along the way your passion will shine through. You have a gift Carlu and I was very lucky and happy to have you as My Counsel. It has been my privilege to be your client and thank you for everything you have accomplished for me.


You really care for your clients and how they cope and manage the stress of the process. Family Law is highly emotional and mentally exhausting for all parties and you provided not only the law but brought caring, empathy and compassion to the process.


Your (Carlu) ability to explain the law, procedures and options in a simple clear and uncomplicated way gave me confidence and confirmed I had made the right choice 3 years ago. I admired the fact you didn’t play lawyer games and your goal was to obtain a fair settlement, keeping costs to a minimum. You were always honest and upfront with me which I always appreciated.


Dear Carlu, in the field of Family Law I think you are exceptional. Thank you for your amazing help with my case over the past 3 years. Your name was on a short list of recommended lawyers and from our very first conversation. I was impressed with your friendly, positive and enthusiastic approach.After 3 years, my admiration for you has only grown, I'm TOTALLY impressed. 


"Anton made a very difficult, stressful and emotional time more manageable because I always felt reassured that he was acting efficiently and expeditiously in my best interests and that of my family."

Dr R.

“Thanks Brooke, really appreciate all the work you guys have done for me. It was all very easy and you made the process really manageable."

Mr S.

“Nothing at all, a very small thank you for all of your hard work (Brooke Mallard), attention to detail and patience with me. I’m so thrilled. I never expected it to work out so well."

Ms D.

"I cannot recommend Anton Richardson highly enough. At the time a large Brisbane Family Law firm were representing me however 3 years into the matter I had spent a significant sum of money on fees, was no closer to a resolution and had lost faith in their ability to act in my or my children’s best interests." 

Dr R.

"He was on top of the matter from day 1. He did not accept tardiness or lose track of where the matter was at. At all times he was working towards resolving the matter. Anton’s other point of difference is his ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE, interpret their motivating factors and then use that to the client’s advantage to achieve the client’s aims."

Dr R.

"Before I met Anton, I had been to three different lawyers about my property dispute and not one of them talked and treated me like Anton did with minimal stress and he also told me exactly the plan and what to expect. My costs were far less than what my ex incurred with her lawyer."


"I would like to thank Anton for his assistance during a recent family law matter. Anton & his team gave me a clear indication of how the case would work & the outcome I could expect. The end result was far better than I had budgeted for & the advice given to me, saved me from a potentially messy court case." 


"The other side were very aggressive and filed an application in court seeking a very high percentage. From the outset Anton quickly put them in their place and ultimately, they settled for a fraction of what they were asking the court to order. I am of the view that Anton was very professional, firm but polite in his dealings with the other side and had a terrific rapport with the court due to his sensible approach. He achieved an exceptional outcome for me."


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