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Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence is never acceptable. We are advocates in the field. Our firm is dedicated to eradicating domestic violence from society. If you are the victim of Domestic Violence, then you can be assured that we will go further to provide support, guidance and advice to get you through.


Domestic Violence is a serious matter and we do not take false allegations lightly. The abuse of the system by vexatious complaints is unacceptable. We are strong advocates for those wrongly accused. We are of the view that false allegations break the system and can indirectly harm to those victims who are truly subjected to abuse. The wrongly accused are also victims, and we fight equally hard for those who are subjected to false allegations.

Your trusted family lawyers

I would like to sincerely thank you (Brooke Mallard and Stephanie Murray) and your firm for your professionalism and speedy resolution to my matter.


I wanted to thank you Stephanie for all your work and support and for helping me bring to a close what has been a very difficult year. I cannot express enough my heartfelt gratitude for having you on my team.


Anton’s knowledge, skilled advice and empathetic nature also helped me feel supported through the entire process. He wanted only the best for me personally as well as legally, which afforded me renewed strength and belief – the chance to breathe again. He saw and treated me as a father who needed help, not a client, and his efforts on my behalf have helped me to regain my life, released of an enormous weight I never thought would lift. I simply can’t thank Anton enough and I’ll be forever grateful for his services.


Quick to respond, always helpful and goes over and above for service. As the CEO of a large healthcare business we need quick and swift legal support. We dealt with Steph Murray and no matter the time of the day we got feedback on specific legal matters. The situation was handled quickly and all parties involved left happy with the outcome. Highly recommend Richardson Murray!


Having had Anton Represent me the first time there was no question whom I would call.I needed support immediately, literally hours to respond and obtain representation. The team at Richardson Murray immediately responded and collaborated as a team. Stephanie Murray took control of my situation with a skillset that put me in the strongest position possible in such difficult circumstances. There is no question, Anton, Stephanie and the entire team are a step above. I am extremely grateful and recommend Richardson Murray to anyone that finds themselves seeking advice, support and guidance in Family Law.


Exceptional in every respect and incredibly responsive in delivering the Partner-level strategy and executing it with excellence on-going, in my time of need.


Have known Anton professionally for more than 15 years. Anton is the best in the business, treats his clients with respect and goes the extra mile. Cannot recommend Anton highly enough.


We have referred multiple clients over to Richardson Murray who have all had an amazing experience with Anton and Stephanie. They are both professional and have great communication. I highly recommend them if you are looking for a family lawyer.


I sat down with Anton and talked through my issues which were many and traumatic. He was thoughtful, compassionate, learned and swift, and he turned my life around almost overnight – something I never thought possible. He asked me to trust him and I did. He spoke of real life situations he had come across in his extensive years as a family lawyer which gave me hope and put me at ease. His swift action resolved my issues quickly and effectively, which was a great relief and of meaningful financial benefit.


I can not recommend Adrienne Peers more highly. I recently referred my partner to Richardson Murray Family Law, and Adrienne Peers was quick to respond, always helpful, catered to all of our needs and goes above and beyond in service! Absolutely incredible.


Highly recommend Anton Richardson at Richardson Murray to anyone with a family law matter. Anton makes time to listen & take on board the matter-at-hand with his clients, dealing with any issues or queries in a highly professional and timely manner. He is the best in the business and has a brilliant team working for him. Big thank you to Anton and the team!


Anton was my legal advisor for a difficult and prolonged case. During this stressful time he always gave sound professional advice, carried out my instructions in a timely manner and was honest, upfront, respectful and compassionate. Anton possesses a comprehensive knowledge of Family Law and extensive expertise in its implementation. I was extremely happy with my outcome. I highly recommend Anton, Stephanie and his team for any family law matters.


Anton is uniquely skilled at managing complex disputes and individual personalities. He truly cares about his clients. You could not be in safer hands. I transferred to Anton when I was at absolute rock bottom, more than 6 years and more than 10 hearings into my legal nightmare, with no end in sight. He asked me to trust him, which I initially found hard but as things progressed, it quickly became easier. In the end, he settled my case out of court. I ended up with everything that was important to me and my life back. The other side was almost equally satisfied. I never dared to dream that was possible. My only regret is that Anton was not my first lawyer. Just think of all the money I would have saved and more importantly, all those years of my life back.


I had a great experience with Stephanie and Rosie during a really tough time in my life. They were very caring, patient and wonderful to deal with. My matter was handled very professionally and efficiently. I would highly recommend them to anyone going through a separation.


I referred a friend of mine to Richardson Murray during a very difficult time in her life. Right from the very first phone call Stephanie and Brooke were so helpful and amazing. Words cant express how grateful we all are for their care, expertise and their fight for a positive outcome for my friend. I highly recommend Stephanie, Brooke and the rest of the team at Richardson Murray. They well and truly go above an beyond for their clients.


All of the staff at Richardson Murray are incredibly friendly. The calming and reflective space has been well thought out to set the tone for potentially anxious clients which in my opinion is nothing short of genius. I would firmly recommend Richardson Murray to anyone in need of a top quality family law firm! Thank you so very much.


I engaged the services of Anton Richardson of Richardson Murray earlier this year in regard to my settlement case. After knowing Anton professionally for over ten years, I was aware that he was regarded as one of the best family lawyers in South East Queensland. Throughout this journey I have been working with Anton assisted by Adrienne Peers. They are professional and extremely knowledgeable, whilst showing a great deal of understanding and compassion.


The Law is your (Carlu) passion. And even though there are many unreasonable, clients and people with whom you will meet along the way your passion will shine through. You have a gift Carlu and I was very lucky and happy to have you as My Counsel. It has been my privilege to be your client and thank you for everything you have accomplished for me.


You really care for your clients and how they cope and manage the stress of the process. Family Law is highly emotional and mentally exhausting for all parties and you provided not only the law but brought caring, empathy and compassion to the process.


Your (Carlu) ability to explain the law, procedures and options in a simple clear and uncomplicated way gave me confidence and confirmed I had made the right choice 3 years ago. I admired the fact you didn’t play lawyer games and your goal was to obtain a fair settlement, keeping costs to a minimum. You were always honest and upfront with me which I always appreciated.


Dear Carlu, in the field of Family Law I think you are exceptional. Thank you for your amazing help with my case over the past 3 years. Your name was on a short list of recommended lawyers and from our very first conversation. I was impressed with your friendly, positive and enthusiastic approach.After 3 years, my admiration for you has only grown, I'm TOTALLY impressed. 


"Anton made a very difficult, stressful and emotional time more manageable because I always felt reassured that he was acting efficiently and expeditiously in my best interests and that of my family."

Dr R.

“Thanks Brooke, really appreciate all the work you guys have done for me. It was all very easy and you made the process really manageable."

Mr S.

“Nothing at all, a very small thank you for all of your hard work (Brooke Mallard), attention to detail and patience with me. I’m so thrilled. I never expected it to work out so well."

Ms D.

"I cannot recommend Anton Richardson highly enough. At the time a large Brisbane Family Law firm were representing me however 3 years into the matter I had spent a significant sum of money on fees, was no closer to a resolution and had lost faith in their ability to act in my or my children’s best interests." 

Dr R.

"He was on top of the matter from day 1. He did not accept tardiness or lose track of where the matter was at. At all times he was working towards resolving the matter. Anton’s other point of difference is his ABILITY TO UNDERSTAND PEOPLE, interpret their motivating factors and then use that to the client’s advantage to achieve the client’s aims."

Dr R.

"Before I met Anton, I had been to three different lawyers about my property dispute and not one of them talked and treated me like Anton did with minimal stress and he also told me exactly the plan and what to expect. My costs were far less than what my ex incurred with her lawyer."


"I would like to thank Anton for his assistance during a recent family law matter. Anton & his team gave me a clear indication of how the case would work & the outcome I could expect. The end result was far better than I had budgeted for & the advice given to me, saved me from a potentially messy court case." 


"The other side were very aggressive and filed an application in court seeking a very high percentage. From the outset Anton quickly put them in their place and ultimately, they settled for a fraction of what they were asking the court to order. I am of the view that Anton was very professional, firm but polite in his dealings with the other side and had a terrific rapport with the court due to his sensible approach. He achieved an exceptional outcome for me."


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