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Frequently Asked Questions

What are consent orders?

What are financial agreements?

What you need to know about binding and limited child support agreements

De-facto relationship break-up entitlements in Australia

What the court considers when making parenting orders?

Co-parenting and parallel parenting: what’s the difference?

Financial Disclosure vs Privacy After Separation

Inheritance in Property Settlement Matters

Superannuation and separation

Is there a time limit for applications for property adjustment?

How does a court decide how to divide assets and debts?

Assistance or further information

How do I discontinue/withdraw my application for divorce?

How do I serve a divorce?

What is the role of an ICL?

What is an Independent Children’s Lawyer?

What is a parenting order?

What do you need to consider when making parenting arrangements for your child/ren?

What do children need during separation?

What happens to child/ren after separation?

Who gets the matrimonial home?

I am a grandparent – can I apply for parenting orders related to my grandchild?

What matters are included in a parenting order?

I don’t agree with the court’s order. What can I do?

Do I have to communicate with the other parent if we share parental responsibility?

I still live with my ex-husband, but we sleep in different rooms. Are we eligible for divorce?

What do I need to include in an affidavit?

Are there time limits on any family law proceedings?

Is a formal, court-ordered division of the assets (‘property settlement’) always necessary?

What is family violence?

Is there a time limit for applications for spouse maintenance?

What does a court consider when making a decision about spousal maintenance?

What is spousal maintenance?

How do I split my superannuation?

Options for splitting superannuation.

How does the law treat superannuation?

How our property will be divided?

How do I apply for a recovery order?

Who can apply for a recovery order?

What is a recovery order?

Can I take my children out of Australia?

Can I change my child’s name?

What you need to know about binding and limited child support agreements.

How often can I see my children? Arrangements, ICL & Financial support.

What are parenting plans & consent orders?

Who gets the children?

Children & separation

Can I make an agreement with my spouse without having to go to Court?

What will a court consider in divorce applications?

Can I apply for divorce?

What is divorce? What is no-fault principle?

I’m thinking of separating from my partner – what should I do first legally?

How do I separate from my partner?

What is separation & what to consider?