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How COVID stay at home orders affect my parenting arrangements?

The laws around COVID, close contacts and isolation are confusing enough as it is, but to add children transitioning between households can make things impossibly difficult.

In the event you have a Parenting Order or Parenting Plan, you should continue to follow the dates and times as set in your agreement as much as possible. However, should a health professional (including mandates from Queensland Health) direct you or the children to go into isolation or quarantine, then this should take precedent of ensuring yours and the children’s health foremost. If the orders therefore are unable to be followed then try and talk to the other parent as much as possible about finding a solution that works for everyone, but mostly the children.

Examples of options to navigate this challenge can include:


  1. A child testing positive to remain in one household for the duration of their isolation period to ensure their health and stability while unwell;
  2. Offering the parent who therefore is unable to spend time with the child, make up time after recovery;
  3. Ensuring the other parent is kept up to date daily with the progress of the child and/or parent and any relevant information that should be shared;
  4. Facilitating the child Facetiming the other parent daily; and
  5. Providing copies of any test results or communication from doctors or Queensland Health.


If you as a parent has tested positive while the children are in the other parents care, then it would be appropriate for the children to remain in the care of the other parent until ether, you have completed the isolation period.

We generally find transparency through these times are best practice in ensuring that the co-parenting relationship stays on track and all parties can focus on the health, safety and wellbeing of the children.

In the event you have any COVID related parenting questions please do not hesitate to contact Stephanie Murray for a free confidential discussion.


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